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Dear readers,

I inform you that all works of art from parchments no. 2,3,4 were interpreted from the original text of Baden-Powell's Scouting for Boys book, and parchments no: 1,5,6,7, which I am the author, and on which I have developed, despite many odds, with the precious help from my wife for a more than a decade, starting in 2006. Therefore, for the success of this charity project, I need your help by participating in purchasing of a certificate of a painting or parchment of your choice. So, it is necessary to take into consideration which of these are eligible for the draw at every thousandth certificate, as explained on the home page, paragraph 1c, "Interior Kim's Game Certificates ..."

So, when buying a painting or scroll, 16 x 20 inch (40.6 cm X 50.8 cm), laminated with an Official Pantheon frame at a cost of $ 225, a fee of $ 50 from the purchase of each scroll will be given to the humanitarian organizations mentioned below, except for Tree of Hope. These will be shared as follows, $ 25 to the CHU Dumont Foundation in Moncton NB, $ 25 to the NB Edmundston Regional Hospital Foundation.

Also, all 7 scrolls can be installed in different places where there is a waiting clientele wishing to watch and read these, of which I am in part the author. The cost of the 7 scrolls is $ 1,575 of which $ 500 will be given to the humanitarian organizations mentioned below. It should be noted that any purchase of a certificate from the shop includes paid shipping.

This work will benefit the humanitarian organizations mentioned below:

1 Activity at the camp- World Vision
2 Rest at camp- Edmundston Hospital Foundation
3 Tiri's kamp- Village des sources ResMaVic Inc. of Edmundston
4 Eye of god- "Le lien", Edmundston Humanatarian Organization
5 Scout Promise and Laws- Village des sources ResMaVic Inc. of Edmundston
6 Last Message- Village des sources ResMaVic Inc. of Edmundston
7 Ténacity Scroll- Accueil Bonneau, Humanatarian Organization of Montréal
8 Repentance Prayer- Development and Peace
9 Faiths Creed- Bob Fyfe Edmundston Foundation
10 Tree of Hope- Dumont CHU Foundation and others, as specified above



Activity at the camp

Rest at camp

Tiri's Kamp


Eye of God

Scout Promise and Laws

Last Message

Tenacity Scroll


Repentance Prayer

Faith's Creed

Tree of Hope

Also, a draw is added to the store for the two Pantheon lamps which will be held in 2022, as explained in the text of the Pantheon lamp.

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Donald Don Plourde and Yvette Bard Plourde, Project Designers