Memorable Kim's Game Biography

Dear Readers

I am pleased to introduce to you the author of the Kim's game Mr. Rudyard Kipling, writer, holder of the Nobel Prize for literature, born December 30th1865 in Bombay, within British India and died in London on January 18th 1936.This is the first writer to receive the Nobel Prize for literature.

Due to life circumstances , Which have been favorable to the development of my youth, in 1958, at age 15, I was part of a scout clan for several years, our leader was Henri Tiri Laplante. On a night of gathering, he asked the clan members if anyone was interested in getting the badge, scout of the queen. So as a result of my character and tenacity to want to progress and report within our clan, he found the famous interior and exterior Kim's games (game of observation and memorization). Game was improved to version Don, thanks to the current computer interior game where you will have the pleasure to participate, while increasing your knowledge about the experiences of inductees with gifted tenacity, thanks to their courage, patience and perseverance (CPP).

I played this game Kim for the first time in 1958 in order to obtain one of the four badges necessary to receive the one from the Queen Scout. This badge was awarded with a certificate sent personally by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and the World Scout leader, on his third trip to Canada July 28th, 1959, in Fredericton, NB, Capital of NB. From our clan, we were 11 scouts out of 113 (if memory serves) of different clans within Canada to receive the highest given award to merit, for our tenacity. Taken into consideration that a proportion of the 100 million Scouts of the previous century, very little had received this honor.


As a result, this resulted in the famous Kim's game from the Historical Tenacity Pantheon, indoor game, therefore you will have the joy of playing in public places, while receiving your historic Pantheon certificate as a souvenir with the test result sent by email.

So I take this opportunity to introduce the concept of Sportoasis and invite you to come on vacation in the 3 Borders Sports Oasis sector of the legendary Republic of Madawaska, capital of the "ploye", region of the brayons, at a convention to play the famous exterior Kim's game. This recreational outdoor excursion from the Petit Témis unfolds on the bike path by walking or cycling, from Rivière-du-Loup to Edmundston, over a course of 135 km between the wonderful Appalachian mountain ranges, along Lake Témiscouata and the Madawaska River. However, for people who want to shorten the 60 km tour, the question period for Kim's game starts from the relay Fort Ingall in Cabano and ends at the Fortin Little Falls in Edmundston.

Also, people coming to the legendary Republic of Madawaska region for a convention will have the happiness of staying a few more days. They will also have the pleasure of doing the outdoor excursions City Tour and "Petit Témis", (as explained at the reception) as well as Malobiannah, without the Kim's game, with a cano ride down the Saint John River, Which separates the United States of America and Canada, from Edmundston to Grand Falls, on a 65-kilometer course, and if the person wishes to return by bike, a 130-kilometer course, for a total of 265 kilometers.

So while you stay in this leisure outdoor sport oasis, you will have the honor to tour the three cities with the exterior Kim's game, which are Rivière-du-loup, Edmundston and Grand Falls.

To the reader interested in listening to the song Madawaska, ma republic, by Jean Boucher, singer, composer, country western francophone, sung by Ginette Marie Landry, New Brunswick Acadian. (song)
Jean Boucher Biographie

Therefore, since each project meets these difficulties (demons), here are the most important ones, which I have been confronted with, since 2007, and which I tell you in all honesty, in the DP echo journal below (coming soon). However, I am aware that it is due to their adversity and malice towards me that the project has become what it is today. Thank God, I took the negative to make positive. Glory to Yahshua!

Sincerely yours,

Donald G. Plourde

Project Designer