Your participation in this Kim's game, Don version, is very much appreciated.

So, after having carefully read the 10 portrait certificates of the 10 people inducted into this Pantheon, buy the test result certificate (TRC). Then you will receive the 10 questions, with a choice of 3 answers per question. Subsequently, you will receive in the following minutes, the test result certificate, to your email address, and the next day, your TRC souvenir certificate, eligible for the gift of the thousand dollars, made for every millionth TRC sold. So, you will then always be on the list eligible for the draw. Obviously, it will be the same for the exterior game and all the certificates in the Pantheon Back Store.


Dear Readers,

1 - It is with sincerity and concretely, that I inform you about the Historical Pantheon of Tenacity with the two Kim's games, interior and exterior, including two salons, heroism and athletic. So, the interior game, of the heroism salon, was designed to pay tribute to a few select people endowed with heroism and tenacity. These have been inducted into the Historical Pantheon of Tenacity, are part of this first (memory) Kim's game and is played on the internet. However, concerning the exterior game, it will be played only in the region of the outdoor recreation sports Oasis of the 3 borders, with 3 city tours, located in the FM 92.7 and 95.1 radio conurbation, Rivière-du-Loup, QC. Edmundston, Grand Falls, NB, as well as the Petit Témis excursion, deploying on the bike path of the same name, from Rivière-du-Loup to Edmundston and to come, the 3 city tours of New England, namely, Fort Kent, Madawaska, Van Buren.

2 - This Historical Tenacity Pantheon, with the interior Kim's game, will become over the years, known worldwide. However, the exterior game will be the main beneficial tourist attraction to improve the economy in the region of the outdoor recreation sports Oasis of the 3 borders. Also, the athletic salon game which will be played soon, only, on cell phones and tablets, by downloading the game in either the App store on Apple, or on the Playstore, on Androids phones and will be explained soon below.

3 - These Kim's games, Don version, which I authored, were developed with the principle of sharing, while some of the money collected on the sale of the test result certificate, (TRC), will be shared in a charitable manner. The sale of the TRC will be profitable with the interior and exterior Kim's games, to certain humanitarian organizations. Also, in order to make this charity game more interesting, to the thousandth certificate sold, all the TRC of the Pantheon Store as well as the Back Store, compiled by PayPal, the buyer of the certificate will receive a donation of $ 1,000.

4 - However, the exterior game, named Oasis excursion of the 3 borders, is an athletic attraction for conventioneers, tourists and others and can be done by car, cycling or walking, and soon by ATV, only in the region of the outdoor recreation sports oasis of the 3 borders, located, in part, in the region of the legendary Republic of Madawaska, from Rivière-du-Loup QC to Grand Falls NB, and part of New England, in the state of Maine.

5 - In this area were built 3 forts, during the period of colonization which definitely starts in 1785, that of Fort Kent, Maine, of the city of the same name, in New England, the Petit-Sault Fort, in Edmundston, New Brunswick, Canada, and Fort Ingall, in Témiscouata-sur-le-lac, in eastern Quebec. So, you are welcome to play the famous exterior Kim's game, a memory game, unique in it's genre, which is played only in the region of the outdoor recreation sports Oasis of the 3 borders, a game useful in order to achieve economic recovery following the covid-19 pandemic and improve tourism for a better regional economy.

6 - These Kim's games are useful to find out if some roots of the sneaky Alzheimer's disease have originated in our brain. This psychological test game is based on 10 questions with three choices of answers per question. So, the souvenir certificate, TRC, will be delivered to you by email with the following notes. On a 100% scale excellent, 80% success, 60% mediocre, 40% shabby, 20% deplorable. I inform you that these notes, for the test result, are not based on a scientific study. However, it gives you a very good overview of your mental health.

Historical Pantheon

7 - However, I preferred to develop, first, the interior Kim's Game, the heroism salon, by creating the Historical Pantheon of Tenacity, with the famous interior Kim's Game, playable online and each player is entitled to the purchase of the souvenir certificate, TRC, in order to be eligible for the draw mentioned below. The interior Kim's game of the heroism salon is identified in blue and the exterior game is identified in red. The exterior Kim's game is the main tourist attraction, and is played in the oasis area, on the Petit Témis bike path, as well as the 3 city tours, Rivière-du-Loup, Edmundston, Grand Falls. This is a game unique in its kind.

Admission to the Pantheon (CPP)

8 - This Historical Tenacity Pantheon is connected to the interior Kim's Game, as explained below. It is a completely transparent charitable project, created for the recognition of certain extraordinary people who have accomplish unusual feats. The main eligibility criteria for induction are: Courage, patience and perseverance (CPP), thus producing the tenacity from which emanates an optimistic and positive attitude towards different experiences of life.

Interior - 1st Part

9 - Consequently, please note that the 10 inductees to the Historical Pantheon of Tenacity, posthumously, are as follows: Mr. Jacques Cartier, navigator, explorer and founder of Canada; Mr. Charles Lindbergh, nicknamed "The lone eagle" pioneer of aviation; Mr. Terry Fox, Marathon of Hope, my friend, Mr. Yvon Durelle, the boxer who came out of the sea, Martin Luther, reformer of the apostolic church, Mr. Alexander Fleming, doctor, biologist, pharmacologist, Mr. Nelson Mandela, apartheid, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, the epitome of altruism, Mr. Alexander Graham Bell, communication and Mr. Ray Kroc, catering (McDonald's). Check out the interior Kim's game certificates in the Pantheon Store.

10 - I am pleased to inform you that the 10 inducted members of the Historical Pantheon of Tenacity are part of the famous interior Kim's game whose questions concern different details on the image created thanks to the graphology and also some details in the text. So, you will have the pleasure of playing while closely observing the 10 magnificent certificates of the Historical Pantheon of Tenacity.

Sharing of the interior Kim's game and buying of the entry key of the Oasis reception center

11 a - Therefore, for the cost of the realization, the elaboration and the development of this magnificent project, on which I worked, with the precious help of my wife Yvette, for more than a decade. In the logic of things, this project is meritorious and evaluated at 2 million dollars, honestly speaking, this is an opportunity for you. This project is self-funded by the paying player of the interior and exterior games. The interior game will be shared this way: $ 10 to Panthéon H Ténacité Inc., $ 5 to the associated partner, purchaser of the entry key, $ 5 to the Alzheimer's Research Foundation and $ 5 to be shared by the 3 food banks, as specified in no. 20.

b - So, the cost of the entry key to the project is 2 million and is paid as follows: 10% of 2 million, or 200 thousand in cash, at the signing of the contract, and for the balance of 1 million 900 thousand, the royalty of the first 380 thousand Test Result certificates (TRC) sold, will be retained by Panthéon H. Tenacity Inc. up to 1 million 900 thousand. Then, thereafter, the royalty will be automatically remitted progressively, to the associate partner purchasing the entry key. However, it is obvious that, the supplement DP Ployerie Old Fashioned Meal at a cost of 2 million cash, includes the restaurant, turnkey with a yesteryear Quebec style house, in pieces of pine, installed on the land of the Madawaska Maliseet First Nation, in addition to the license of the master franchisor, thus giving the possibility to the associated partner to operate the sale of the Old Fashioned Meal franchise, on all the Maliseet First Nation reserves and sell it at the desired amount. However, the master franchisor will give 10% of the amount of franchises sold to Panthéon H. Ténacité Inc. Obviously, this will accentuate the cultivation of buckwheat cultivated by the Maliseet First Nation, like cannabis, but with fewer problems.

Kim's Game

Exterior - main tourist attraction - 2nd Part

12 - Regarding the exterior Kim's Game, it is played only in the area of the oasis. The tourists, vacationers, congress participants, and others will have the leisure and pleasure to play, during their stay among us in the outdoor recreation sports oasis of the 3 borders region, the three city tours, Rivière-du-Loup, Edmundston and Grand Falls. Coming soon, those from New England, in the state of Maine, namely, Fort Kent, Madawaska and Van Buren. However, the exterior Kim's game of the Petit Témis excursion, unfolding on the Petit Témis bike and pedestrian path is explained below.

13 - For lovers of outdoor recreation excursions, here is the famous exterior Petit Témis Kim's game, laid out in stone dust on the former Témiscouata Railway. The maximum slope of this course is 4% making it accessible to all and is done in the splendid Appalachian mountain range, from Rivière-du-Loup to Edmundston, giving you the occasion to enter five villages with the opportunity to play the exterior Kim's game, an observation and memorization game. The excursion begins at the tourist information center of Rivière-du-Loup located on the Boulevard Hôtel de Ville and rue Saint-Pierre.

14 - The Petit Témis excursion has a total length of 135 km, and is carried out during the summer, cycling or walking, and during the winter, snowshoeing, skiing and snowmobiling. The first 60 km passes at the foot and between the mountains, to get to Cabano's Fort Ingall. So, those who want to shorten their 60-kilometer excursion will have to start at Fort Ingall, where the questions for the Petit Témis Kim's game begin, to end at Petit-Sault Fort in Edmundston, 75 km away.

15 - However, the journey continues for 40 km along Lac Témiscouata, with a superb view on the north side, on the Témiscouata National Park. Then you will have to enter the villages of Témiscouata-sur-le-lac, which are Cabano, Notre-Dame-du-Lac, and Dégelis. The trip continues for 25 km along the Madawaska River to St. Jacques at the New Brunswick Botanical Garden. Obviously, during the summer period, a visit is necessary, in order to experience the environment of the pure Eden of terrestrial paradise to come, during the parousia, according to the illustrated Larousse dictionary. Then, after visiting St.-Jacques, 10 km more, you will arrive in Edmundston near the Écluse Halte Gourmante, where you will be happy to fill up with energy, with food and drink, before going to the museum of the tourist information centre of Edmundston, in the same area as the pedestrian bridge.

16 - This bridge was named in honor of the Honorable Bernard Valcourt, former minister in the Conservative government, in front of the Petit-Sault Fort, where the famous Kim's game ends with observation and memorization, unfolding on a 75 km course between the two forts, near the mouth of the Madawaska River and the Saint John River. This excursion with questions, takes, by bike, from Rivière-du-loup, about 8 to 12 hours to do. Excursionists playing the exterior Kim's game, will have to enter each village and visit the Main Street, in the same way as the bike path, 500 meters on each side, while observing the historic buildings and monuments, commemorative steles, sculptures and other extraordinary landscapes.

17 - However, people wishing to extend their 60-kilometer canoe trip, for a total of 195 km, will need to leave the Madawaska River outlet on the Saint John River, which separates New Brunswick from New England, in the state of Maine, to end at the tourist center of Grand Falls, NB. Without a doubt, this outdoor recreation Petit Témis excursion, with Kim's game and the 3 city tours, Rivière-du-Loup, Edmundston, Grand-Falls, will make you spend some wonderful and memorable moments, and let you discover our beautiful corner of the country while spending a week and more of vacation in the area of the outdoor recreation sports oasis of the 3 borders.

Please take note of the many sporting places, accommodations and dining places in Petit Témis below.

Here are the 3 Border Forts 

Fort Kent in Maine

Petit-Sault Fort in Edmundston

Fort Ingall in Cabano

18 - You want to play the famous exterior Kim's game, the Petit Témis, enter the tourist information office of Rivière-du-Loup, St. Pierre Street and Hôtel de ville Boulevard, to get the path to follow. Then, during your journey, you will have to observe and memorize historic buildings and monuments, commemorative steles, sculptures and other extraordinary landscapes that are part of nature.

19 - So, for Kim's exterior city tour, you will have to go to the Pantheon Store and choose your desired city trip. During your journey, you will have to observe and memorize the same things mentioned above.

Sharing of the exterior Kim's game connected to the interior one

20 - However, the sharing of the collection souvenir certificate, test result, exterior Kim's game, located in the border agglomeration of FM 92.7 and 95.1, at a cost of $ 25, is done as follows, $ 10 to 'Panthéon H ténacité Inc.', for the design and development of the project, $ 5 to the associate partner, purchaser of the entry key to the Oasis reception center of the historical Pantheon of Tenacity. So then, the 5 $ will become, after the full reimbursement of the two million, a continuous royalty for the associated partner, buyer of the entry key to the project, 5 $ to be shared by the 3 food banks in the Oasis region, namely Rivière-du-Loup, Edmundston and Grand-Falls. 5 $ to the Village des sources ResMaVic Inc. of Edmundston, an outdoor base beneficial to the education of youth, and for a better development of this youth.

21 - As a result, for more information on the region where the famous Petit Témis exterior game is unfolding, as well as the 3 city tours, click on Petit Témis. However, I inform you that for a better supervision, the congressists wishing to play the Petit Témis Kim's game will have to address themselves to the main reception center of the outdoor recreation sports oasis of the 3 borders, www.3fsportoasis.com.

Ring Ding Don

22 - Therefore, to ensure better safety on the bike paths or in town, cyclists, when overtaking, will have to adopt a universal sound, that of ringing 2 resonant bell sounds ding don, designed for this purpose. You can order and purchase it in the Pantheon store, at a cost of $ __ and $ 2 will be donated to the Alzheimer's Research Foundation.

Dear friend,

Sincere congratulations for your test result certificate of the heroism Kim's game!

However, if you are not satisfied with your performance to observe and memorize, this memorization game, it is possible to return to practice, while having fun, to develop your faculty of observation and memorization. Better luck next time.

Sincerely and kindly yours,

Donald Don Plourde

Project Designer


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